The day came in high school when we had to meet with the Guidance Councillor to decide what our future will be.  I really had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life or what job I wanted to do.  In school I enjoyed science but was not very good in math.  I took business classes (typing, shorthand and law).  I loved history but hated geography.

Since I had been an Air Cadet for several years already they suggested I look at a career in the Canadian Armed Forces.  Since there was no chance or opportunity for me to attend college or university, this seems like the logical step.  After looking over the various trades and professions in the CAF, I decided that I would like to be a MSE-OP (Truck Driver).

When the recruitment officer came to our school to talk about joining the CAF, I signed up.  I was given an appointment in Sudbury for two days of tests.  They paid for the bus ride to Sudbury and the hotel stay.  I had to go through a physical and several aptitude test followed by an interview.  Then I went home to wait for the results.

I received the good news that I was accepted and could join the Forces after I graduated.  The only problem was that they wanted me to accept a different job (Oceanographic Operator) than the MSE-OP which I wanted.  I told them I was not interested in any other job.  I was then told they had no opening at this time for MSE-OP’s and to say in touch if I changed my mind.

In the mean time I moved to Calgary and kept in touch with the recruitment office in Calgary every six months to see if they had any openings.  At the time I was trying to enlist (1977) there was a rule that women could not be married, have children or be older than 23.  On my last appointment with the recruitment officer, I informed him that I was approaching my 23rd birthday and time was running out.

I was finally accepted to enlist – EnrolmenttoCAFLetter

CertificateCanadianArmedForces – CertificateBasicTraining – CertificateMSE-OP – CAFReleaseCertificate


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