Our lives are made up of a collection of numbers; the day we are born, our first word, our first step, first day of school, first job, the day we graduate, the day we get married, the day our children are born etc.

I would like to share a few numbers that have become significant in my life:

All my children were born on the 22nd – April, May and September

My mother passed away on the 22nd of March.

I was suppose to be married on the 22nd of May – but the Minister died (a story for another time)

Then I also noticed that big or important things happen in my life on the 9’s

1959 – started living with my step-father and my step-brother was born

1969 – met my father for the first time

1979 – joined the Canadian Armed Forces

1989 – pregnant with my first child

1999 – my mother passed away

2009 – mid-life crisis

2019 – ????

Have you noticed any patterns in your life?




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